Wolfguard Protectors

Meet the sinfully sexy men of the Wofguard Protectors. This All-Shifter Security Force holds the line between their kind and those who seek to destroy them. Get ready for swoon-worthy Apha heroes, kickass heroines, fated mates, and the action-packed storylines that'll keep you up and night turning the pages. This is paranormal romance at its very best.

Shift of Fate

I am the thing that stands between this woman and the evil she cannot see. 
But who will keep her safe from me…

I am Willow’s protector. I am paid to give my life for hers.
As a member of the elite all-shifter Wolfguard Security Team, it’s the job.
One last assignment and I can write my own ticket. Start my own pack.
It should have been easy. Just a cross-country road trip. Get the girl home in one piece.
Then I saw her…
Her scent calls to the wolf inside of me.
Then I got too close…
A single touch and I knew we were fated.
A single kiss and I knew I would kill for her.
But Willow belongs to someone else…
In one week, I’m supposed to deliver her to him.
Except, it’s my name she calls out for in the night. My mark she craves.
If I take what’s mine, it could destroy the life I’ve built and call forth a darkness too big to contain.
If I claim her, it could ruin us both.

No. Not if…when…

Echo of Magic

Coming Summer 2019








Kiss of Midnight

Coming Fall 2019