Wild Ridge Bears





This virile bear shifter thought fated mates were just a fairytale…until he found his.

Destiny made Jaxson Lord the new head of one of the most powerful bear clans on Wild Ridge. But Jax’s birthright will only carry him so far. To stay on top, it’ll take all the strength and cunning he has to prove to the other mining crews he’s worthy. He’s got no time for distractions and thinks fated mates are just a fairytale. Until he meets curvy Nora Gentry and she sets his virile, protective, inner bear on fire. The trouble is, she’s caught the eye of the rest of the clans and now Jax has more than just his own crew to fight for.

On a nature photography assignment, Nora finds herself alone in the woods and face to face with a fierce, Grizzly. When Jax appears out of nowhere and comes to her aid, Nora knows there’s something compelling, dangerous, and familiar about him. There’s magic in those woods and Jax is at the center of it. But giving into their passions can bring dangerous consequences neither of them ever expected.





Banished from his clan lands for the sins of his father, this Alpha bear has nowhere left to run and no right to claim the fated mate his heart calls out for. Try telling that to his inner bear.

Cullen James should have just kept heading north. Ancient bear law has stripped him of his lands, his men, and Wild Ridge — the only home he’s ever known. When he heads south instead, fate puts him in the path of Anya Parker. Curvy, beautiful, and full of sass, Cullen’s heart knows that she’s meant for him even though he lost his right to claim a mate the second he got thrown out of Wild Ridge. The last thing he needs is to tangle with a rival band of Russian polar bear shifters with no back up. But when they set their sights on Anya, Cullen has to decide which rules are worth breaking no matter what the cost.

Searching for her missing twin sister, Anya finds herself in the middle of a bear clan war that could get her killed. She’ll stop at nothing to get to the truth of what happened to the only family she had left. When Cullen shows up to save her from a mugging in a dark alley, she knows he might be dangerous too, but she can’t seem to stay away from him. It’s more than just his underwear model physique and mysterious dark eyes that seem to see right through her. He might just hold the key to her sister’s disappearance and her own fate.

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Can the love of a good woman turn this bear shifter bad boy into the hero she needs?

Bear shifter Simon Marshall is the ultimate bad boy. Alpha to one of the most powerful clans in Wild Ridge, he's had to be ruthless, bold, and cunning. When his son disappears, claiming a mate was the last thing on his mind. But when he crosses paths with a stunning beauty who may hold the key to finding his missing son, Simon finds out fate has other plans.

Social work intern Cass Wheeler has a past of her own. She’s a wild girl gone good and finally has her life on track. She’s known bear shifters before and Simon seems like nothing but trouble. Except, Cass can’t deny the burning attraction she feels for him. His touch calls to all the wild parts of her and she just can’t get enough. When enemies come at them from unexpected places, Cass could lose her heart and everything she’s worked so hard to build.



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Shifters and witches don't mix.

At least that's what Talia Lear was raised to believe. It’s not just that her family’s coven disapproves, but she’s bound by an ancient blood curse that forbids her from so much as looking at a shifter. But look at one she does. When Talia meets sexy, Alpha bear Rafe, he stirs a powerful magic inside of her and a passion she can't deny.

Clan chief, Rafe McCormack needs answers. Fast. When the bears of Wild Ridge start suffering from a deadly illness, Rafe suspects witchcraft. Time is running out and he’s got none to spare messing with Talia. But, this beautiful young witch has long legs and a smart mouth Rafe just wants to kiss. With his clan’s survival on the line, it’ll take every ounce of self-control and cunning Rafe has to come out on top.

Acting on their desires could spell disaster for both Rafe and Talia. But sometimes fate has other plans.








last-of-the-bears-thumbnailWith the fate of the Wild Ridge Bears hanging in the balance, can Bo find his true mate before it’s too late?

Bo Calvin is running out of time. As one of the last two Alpha bear shifters on Wild Ridge without a mate, he’s facing madness and certain death. When he finds Oona trespassing on Calvin lands, his attraction to her hits him like a thunder bolt. She’s fierce and beautiful like some Amazonian goddess. But, another Alpha has alrFeady made a claim for her. Bo knows she’s meant for him, but acting on it could lead to an all-out clan war.

Oona Ryan has a secret. She’s spent her whole life thinking she’s got a monster inside of her. Because of it, she’s lost her family and her home. A cryptic letter from her dying mother leads her to Wild Ridge in search of answers. What she finds instead turns her world upside down and reveals a shocking betrayal. Being among a group of virile bears calls to Oona’s nature in ways she never expected. One stolen kiss from Bo Calvin brings out her own, ancient primal power. But, her attraction to him comes with a price and her presence on the ridge leads the clans to the brink of civil war.


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NOTE: Each book in the Wild Ridge Bears Series can be read as a standalone and in any order. However, the events within them happen chronologically and the recommended reading order is as follows:


Book 1: Lord of the Bears (featuring Jaxon)

Book 2: Outlaw of the Bears (featuring Cullen)

Book 3: Rebel of the Bears (featuring Simon)

Book 4: Curse of the Bears (featuring Rafe)

Book 5: Last of the Bears (featuring Bo)


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