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Wild Lake Wolves - The Complete Series by Kimber White

Rogue Alpha - A rogue alpha exiled from his pack. A woman on the run from everything she knows. Their powerful attraction could prove deadly. One touch made her crave him, but Laura’s shocking choice could change everything.

Dark Wolf - When Luke meets Tamryn, she stirs his wolf and long-buried passions that threaten to bring out out his dark side. Can this beauty help quell the beast inside of Luke? And When Tamryn learns the truth about Luke’s past, can she love him anyway?

Primal Heat - Hunky billionaire Bas is Alpha to the largest wolf shifter pack in Wild Lake. He can’t always afford to play by the rules. When he meets sassy law student, Abby Winslow, he knows they're fated. But, when new enemies threaten pack lands, Abby may get caught in the crossfire. 

Savage Moon - When there’s trouble in Wild Lake, pack enforcer Alec’s the guy who rushes in where other wolves fear to tread. One look from Olivia and her luscious curves and tough girl attitude has Alec's inner Alpha howling. The only problem is, another Alpha wants to claim her. If Alec wants Olivia for himself, he may have to start a pack war.

Hunter's Heart - Jessa 's family makes its fortune hunting some of the most brutal, rogue shifters around. This time, her mark is ruggedly handsome, dangerous, Alpha, Derek. Just when Jessa thinks she’s captured her wolf, Derek may just have captured Jessa’s heart. 

If you love swoon-worthy fated mates, happily ever afters, and more sinfully sexy, protective Alpha wolves than you can handle, click your store button to grab this thrilling wolf shifter romance series.

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